Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Blog Post

Please note - that beginning next week my blog will move to

I am working to have it forwarded to my account.  Working on getting that done!

See you at the new spot!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


When I look back on this past year, I have so much to be thankful for.  The funny thing it all revolves around someone else "giving" to be bless my family & my life!  I have so much to be thankful fact, I feel sort of guilty for being so blessed!  An incredible family - an unreal church - the best friends in the world.......a relationship with with God that is like a spring "of living water".........Thanks to all that "give" to my life - I am truly blessed!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rearview Mirror

  • Incredible Sunday wrapping up "Still Standing"
  • Expected low crowds due to holiday....was I ever wrong!! Place was packed - standing room at the late hour!!
  • Left after service and went to a "cabin" in Topton, NC on Lake Nantahala. No cell service, no tv, no computer was just what we needed!
  • Maybe the most beautiful place I have ever been!! It was NOT quite a cabin - more like a castle nestled in the woods on the lake and it was absolutely incredible!
  • It has been so long since I rested and just enjoyed the family....just what I needed! We played games - fished - and basically just chilled!! I ate way to much - but it was so good!!
  • Came back today and sort of hated to leave! Hated to see how many e-mails & phone calls I had missed and guess what I learned........Life had moved on just fine without me for a few days.
  • Got home to watch some good TV that we had DVR'd
  • The return of 24 was SOLID and it was good to have Jack back!! Should be a great season!! Good stuff - new story line but same Jack!! Welcome back 24!
  • The Unit once again did not disappoint - what a great show!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last week of Still Standing

Tomorrow we will wrap up our "Still Standing" series!  It has been super timely in my life and I think in the lives of a lot of others!  

My prayer for today is that my faith will be in "who God is" not "what God does"......The easiest time to quit and get out of the race we are in is when God does not come through like we thought He would.....or He should!

I pray that I will trust Him no matter what and seek His best not just mine!! bet

Worth doubt!!

Can't wait for Sunday!!

I am off to watch my favorite little girl, Mary-Michal, cheer in her 6th grade football superbowl!!!  It is going to be COLD but totally worth it!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crazy week

I can't even describe what a crazy week this has been!  I am so behind on my post....Here are a few highlights:

  • Great management team meeting on Monday.....It is always great to meet with sharp leaders who help me in guiding NStar.  Their servant hearts but great business & leadership minds are a blessing to be around!
  • Spent the rest of the day of Monday planning our next 8 months of sermons with Steve Roach.  It is always a blast to hang with Roach and plan!!  We have been best friends since 2nd grade and it is incredible that we get to do life together now!!
  • Tuesday AM - We had our early morning executive bible study - room was totally full!!  Some of these guys are really hurting - it is so cool to see them be there for each other. 
  • Spent the next few hours planning the next 2 weekends and going over what we did from the week before!
  • Every year our team at NStar helps the City of Acworth sort canned goods....It is a ton of work but a ton of fun!!  Watching everyone pitch in and work together is great!!
  • Came home to find the house completely decorated for Christmas!!!  Annie is amazing!!
  • Tomorrow is my last day in the office before taking some time off next week.....I sure need it!  Can't wait to get away & chill for a little while!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rearview Mirror

  • May be one of the greatest days we have ever had at NorthStar.......We were in part 3 of Still Standing....talking about "Knowing" God personally
  • We had Rev. Clarence Jett there live - it was pretty powerful!  I brought him out about 10 minutes into my message and he received a standing ovation in both services!  Nothing like seeing a young cutting edge church embrace a 94 year old man!
  • I interviewed Rev. Jett and it was beyond incredible....His wisdom was so on the money and the way he could recall scripture blew me away!  I interviewed him for over 25 minutes in both services and it was totally unscripted and he nailed every answer!
  • Check out our some of the video footage that we had shot previously with Rev. Jett...
  • I would never encourage to listen to our podcast but I would REALLY encourage you to hear this one!!!  Check our site to dive in to the great AM!
  • Steph & our band nailed the last song - a remix of the Old Hymn "Give me Jesus" said it all!
  • It was an incredible AM all the way around!  Major packed house both hours and big crowds in True North!  My son (who thinks his old man) came down and said, "Dad, you would have loved it upstairs in the Student Area - it was packed"......Love that boy!!
  • Lindsay Arnold did the welcome in the Compass and was "spot on".....Lindsay used to be in the college group that met in my house.  She is now a wife & mom and I was SO proud of her this AM!  She will be one of the host of our new "In the Know" Sunday video segment that is coming in December!
  • I got to take Rev. Jett & my mom and dad to lunch - it was so fun to spend time with them!
  • The Falcons battled so hard today - I love pulling for that team!  It was so close to being another Falcon win!
  • Tonight was "The Gathering" - Daniel & the band introduced their 2nd CD "Things Unseen"....It was slammed and a ton of fun to watch NStar people engage with God!  The team did an amazing job putting on the night and it was a blast to just sit in the crowd & enjoy!!  I got to sit with my little girl and watch her worship.......watching her was worth the whole night!!
  • Now I am settling in for "The Unit"!!!  Love that show!!
  • Short night sleep - early morning Management Team meeting.  I love meeting with these wise men who help stand beside me and lead NorthStar into the future!

His voice

Today we are in part 3 of "Still Standing" and talking about knowing God personally!  I am praying today for 2 things:
  • Those that do not know Him at meet Him for the first time and give over their lives to Him
  • Those that do know Him but for what ever reason have not followed Him passionately - to "Hear His voice" and follow Him with all they have!
In the craziness of our times - if we have a relationship with God and we follow Him and not just what we want to chase.........We will Stand!!